Memory Foam Mattress Pad

11:59 PM

A typical mattress pad is a thin mattress, or thick sheet, or better still a pad used for various reasons. It is removable bedding that protects our bodies, the mattress and functions like a cushion.A memory foam mattress pad is designed to be breathable, thus evenly distributes pressure over its surface and is able to return to its original condition once the pressure is released.
Memory foam mattress pad is the buzzword currently in the bedding industry as it is unrivaled because there is no other sleeping surface that is able to respond to your body's weight.

Note that a memory foam mattress pad is very soft on its own, hence you cannot sleep on it alone, and it is best placed on existing bedding, particularly a firm mattress. A memory foam mattress pad is sensitive to both temperature and pressure in that when the temperature goes down, the foams harden and vice versa.
The temperature sensitivity feature is what makes one feel like they are melting in the bed as they lay down. The foams of the mattress pads are open cell material, thus deforms when compressed as air pressure spreads to adjoining cells.
It is obvious that everyone wants a good night rest and sleep. However, people who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain etc may have a problem relishing a good night sleep on a regular mattress.
This is because the body ought to kowtow around the mattress. Memory foam mattress pad will be of great help to such people as it curves to support whatever position one decides to lie on. Further, memory foam mattress pads are known to provide requisite warmth between the bedding and the sleeper since the warmth is trapped in the foam holes.
The market today provides a variety of memory foam mattress pads that come in all sizes such as king, queen, twin and double. They feature an additional layer of comfort, of course providing additional comfort. The layer varies in thickness and size from one mattress to another. Memory foam mattress pads are known to be very light and to give a feeling of weightlessness hence becomes one of the most recommended mattresses.
Manufacturers claim that memory foam mattresses help in sleep apnea, but there is no substantial evidence to support that. On the other hand, as memory foam mattress pad supports backaches, be advised that not everyone can benefit from the mattress since there are many different causes of back pains.

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